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Tonight: John Mark McMillan

Part gospel, part Bon Iver, Charlotte singer-songwriter John Mark McMillan comes to Birmingham tonight. He plays at The Healing Place Church with The Brilliance and Lapeer.

Writers Round at Moonlight

This Friday, three traveling songwriters will share their music and their stories at Moonlight on the Mountain, Birmingham’s own listening room.

Coming Up: Reverend Hylton at The Nick

Atl’s Hylton is the consummate traveling artist, racking up 200 gigs per year. He’s been through a lot on the road: good times, bad times, even a few he may not remember. His latest tour brings his experiential storytelling to The Nick on April 22.

Matthew Mayfield: Recoil

Recoil’s tales of love, loss, faith, and betrayal all draw from Mayfield’s personal experiences, and the sincerity behind his performance is hard to deny.

Ramblin’ Ricky Tate: Didn’t I Try

This February, Steel City Jug Slammers songwriter Ramblin’ Ricky Tate has released his second solo EP. It’s a collection of folksy, bare-bones tunes rattling with wit, charm, and humor.

Raquel Lily

Classic style meets contemporary tones when Raquel Lily performs. The singer/songwriter/engineer/producer draws from influences that span decades, balancing lyrical whimsy with clever composition

This Week: Ferrill Gibbs

Mobile songwriter Ferrill Gibbs performs at Moonlight on the Mountain this Wednesday, and he’s assembled a colorful cast of musicians to play along.

Jeremy Moore Debuts Album @ Seeds

Jeremy Moore has just released his first LP, My Love’s Ghost. He’ll play songs from this heartfelt collection at Seeds Coffee this Friday. Here’s what we can expect.

Jessica Lamb: Songs of Travel

Songwriter Jessica Lamb’s new EP delivers five songs of personal experience, growing up, and lessons learned on the road.