Writers Round at Moonlight

Moonlight on the Mountain has earned its reputation as a haven for songwriters to come together and express themselves. The little listening room overlooking Oxmoor Valley has welcomed a host of inspired musicians over the years, and the tradition of community and music continues this Friday.

Singer/songwriter Kyle Nachtigal will host a Nashville writers round on July 28 at Moonlight on the Mountain. The full-time touring musician has already hosted two successful rounds in the Magic City, introducing new artists to the Birmingham scene.

“It gets better every time,” says Nachtigal. “The turnout has been promising, and it’s been cool to see songwriters playing in the context of each other.”

For this round, Nachtigal will bring two good friends from his hometown scene. Nate Fredrick and Jonny Lucas. “This one should be a blast,” says Nachtigal. “We’ve all got guitar tricks. Nate has this smoky, gritty voice, too. It’s so bluesy and rootsy. Jonny has a UK pop rock vibe and he’s brilliant with a loop pedal.”

Nachtigal himself has been on perpetual tour since last February. “You go through all shades of good and bad,” he says, “but that makes it thrilling.” The songwriter left the daily grind behind for the touring life after building a sturdy base of fans and trusty venues.

A career musician, Nachtigal has made some valuable connections in Nashville, and joined a popular YouTube star for a writers round several years ago. He found an enthusiastic audience after appearing in her videos, and soon developed a circuit of listening rooms, wineries, bars, and other venues.

Nachtigal’s style is rhythmic and percussive, and he accents his playing with the beat of his thumb against his guitar. To make the most of his percussive approach, the musician commissioned a custom guitar by Craig Southern.

The signature model is designed after the guitar of virtuoso guitarist Marco Pinna. “I played rhythm for Pinna in an acoustic trio,” says Nachtigal. “I got to play his Craig Southern and fell in love. It had such a great texture playing along with his nylon string acoustic. When I set out to play music full time, I contacted Southern and had them design my own.”

You can hear Nachtigal’s guitar work, songwriting, and fellow musicians starting at 8 p.m. Moonlight on the Mountain is located at 585 Shades Crest Rd, Hoover, AL 35226.