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Megan Kane

From the Flora-Bama to Avondale Brewing, singer/songwriter Megan Kane has quickly made a name for herself across the state.

The Burning Peppermints

Gleefully aggressive and relentlessly groovy, The Burning Peppermints are a permanently-stoked garage rock outfit blazing a trail through our music scene.

Craig Stilley

From his folk beginnings to his latest rock project with A Slim Shadow, Craig Stilley’s musical endeavors continue to expand in the Magic City.

The Primitive Talk

From early garage sessions to unforgettable gigs, The Primitive Talk glances back on their formation and looks ahead to some big prospects.

Corey Nolen

Meet Corey Nolen, story teller drawing from decades of American inspiration.

Jeremy Moore

“If you don’t know where you’ve been, you don’t know where you’re going,” says Moore. “It was hard to break down my classical training into what I create now. I had to find what I thrive at.”


Energetic pop rock and soaring contemporary church music meet, outside the sanctuary, on Cardinal’s debut EP.

Sea Fix

There’s something cathartic in singing about our vices. We often use music as a means to wash away our problems- if only we have enough volume. Sea Fix is a sonic tidal wave.

Delicate Cutters

The four-piece rock group ruminates on the bitter/sweet bits of life- the moments that demand some real reflection to understand. Dire, not dreary, serious, but not too cerebral, Delicate Cutters can tap into a sense of vulnerability and stab straight for the raw emotions.

Rachel Hebert

Rachel Hebert’s genuine lyrics and honest Southern roots have made her an epitomical example of the Birmingham songwriter. Soul and success have taken her music all the way from the notebook to the studio.