Rachel Hebert

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Rachel Hebert’s genuine lyrics and honest Southern roots have made her an epitomical example of the Birmingham songwriter. Soul and success have taken her music all the way from the notebook to the studio.

 Hebert first picked up guitar at the challenge of a high school friend. With it she found the voice for the material she had already been writing. She calls the style she has developed folk/Americana with a heavy emphasis on lyrical authenticity.” Hebert tries to keep her lyrics positive and hopeful. She writes about “whatever is around me at the time- whatever is going on in my life or my friends’ lives, what I see in the news, what I read about.”

 In recent months, Jordan Teague (electric guitar), Patrick Reed (bass, also of Goat Hill String Band) and Josh Cannon (drums) have joined Hebert to open up her sound with some blues/rock emphasis. Although the band is very different from her early setting, Hebert is still excited and confident that her music is speaking its own voice.

Hebert is a previous winner of the Open Mic competition at Moonlight on the Mountain. She was rewarded a recording session at Higher Ground Studios, which she has already used for her latest record. The unique show does not take place at a café or otherwise non-musical venue; the audience comes strictly for the music. “Moonlight is a great venue for songwriters because people come to listen,” says Hebert. “It’s fun to compete for a prize.”

 Hebert also enjoys performing with the Grey Haven Community, a group with which Birmingham musicians can collaborate and share their music together.

 Although Hebert has had success with local shows and competitions, she still considers Birmingham a fairly difficult place to develop as an artist. She has ventured around the Southeast in the past, and she hopes to again in the future. Traveling and meeting new people are inspiring to both herself and her music.

 Hebert’s new Rearranging EP officially released on Friday, Sept. 27, with a show at Desert Island Supply Co. in Woodlawn. The album is available for purchase on BandCamp.

 Rearranging covers the entire range of Hebert’s sound. The EP kicks off with a folk rock title track driven by quick percussion. “Victorville” is a ballad dripping with country twang and heavy lyrics to match. “Guilt” is a largely acoustic track reminiscent of Hebert’s early music. “Razzle Dazzle” surprises with jazzy swings, soft reverb and guest artists to flavor the track. In true singer/songwriter fashion, “Room for Us All” ends the record with gently plucked acoustic and backing strings.

 Hebert is still writing music and hopes to record again in the future.

 Those wishing to contact Rachel Hebert may email her at iamrachelhebert@gmail.com or visit her Facebook page.