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Mega Ran and MC Lars

Mega Ran and MC Lars: The Mt. Nerdcore Tour

While the 8-bit beeps and buzzes of their chiptune portfolios may elicit instant nostalgia, nerdcore artists Mega Ran and MC Lars are turning over a new leaf for their latest joint project.

The Monastery

The Pleasant Grove hip-hop duo understands that to achieve anything positive, you often have to address the negative head-on.

This Week: C1ub A.M.

Birmingham’s C1ub A.M. shares the stage with two big acts this week. The group’s been riding a wave following a successful gig …

Secret Stages: Lobotomix Stage

The Lobotomix Stage at Matthew’s is Secret Stage’s go-to hip hop venue. Touring acts Jabee and Stay Tuned look ahead to their Saturday shows and talk inspiration, festivals, and more.


Dontez embraces the emotive and expressive opportunities of rhythm-based songwriting without dodging the well-established braggadocio of the rap and hip hop styles.

Dopus Pennington

“I’ve always been involved in music somehow, whether it be singing with my grandma in the choir or band or making beats …

K.L.U.B. Monsta

Birmingham’s K.L.U.B. Monsta (Knowledge Learned Under Birmingham), is a hip hop group that arrived on the scene in 2005, bringing with them …