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Celtic Folk at Moonlight

Scottish/Celtic folk duo Rob van Sante and Alan Reid perform at Moonlight on the Mountain this Thursday. Don’t miss this night of mystic music and folklore.

Corey Nolen

Meet Corey Nolen, story teller drawing from decades of American inspiration.

Sound & Page

A new listening room has come to Woodlawn, offering a close, intimate space for songwriters and their audience. Sound & Page held its opening night on Monday, October 28.

Rachel Hebert

Rachel Hebert’s genuine lyrics and honest Southern roots have made her an epitomical example of the Birmingham songwriter. Soul and success have taken her music all the way from the notebook to the studio.

Phil Dudley

As a third generation musician, 21-year-old Phil Dudley’s inclination toward music was a calling rather than a choice. “Some musicians play for fun, and some play because it’s a part of them. I want my music to come from the heart.”

The Old Paints

Spinning yarns about cowboys and devils, The Old Paints bring western music out of the saloons and into the taprooms of Birmingham.

The Matchcoats

The Matchcoats use pleasant harmony and delta blues inspired guitar to relate songs of growing up and lessons learned along the way.