Silo at Moonlight on the Mountain

Silo tour


On Thursday, July 10, Moonlight on the Mountain will host Silo, a harmonious female folk duet from Louisiana. The duo of Renee Arozqueta and Jennifer Jeffers will bring sweet vocals and a variety of musical talents to the Bluff Park listening Room.

The two met as teachers working in the Louisiana Delta. They discovered they had a powerful musical chemistry and began playing around town after work. “It quickly became clear to us, after we heard how our harmonies blend, that together we had something special,” says Jeffers. “Silo was born to run.”

Silo is currently on tour promoting their new album, Tall Tales. They’ve been playing through the Southeast since June, and are eager to perform in one of Birmingham’s established listening rooms. “So far we’ve had a blast and really positive receptions at all the places we’ve been,” says Jeffers, “but the adventure has just begun.”

Recorded in Pensacola in February, Tall Tales features weaving harmonies and diverse instrumentation. Folk-standard guitars and banjos blend with fiddles, accordions, and sparse percussion. Moods range from the relaxing whispers of “Comfort” to the angst and suspicion of “Blackbirds” and “Old Timey Western.”

The new album concludes with a uniquely bright take on “Shady Grove.” The folk standard has become a prominent feature of Silo’s live set as they build layers on the tune and bring the audience in on the jam. The duo’s dynamics are captivatingly complex, melodies filling in spaces and forming layers around each other. “Shades” is instrumentally straightforward, but entwining vocals and an eerie theme make it one of their most intricate numbers.

While the studio-captured tracks are both haunting and sweet, Silo’s live performance involves an impressive amount of coordination and multitasking. As the two trade leads and harmonize, instruments cycle out and build on each other. While Jeffers sings and strums, Arozqueta keeps a steady rhythm on the kick drum, possibly adding vocals, accordion, or glockenspiel.

The show starts at 7:30 with a $10 cover.

Moonlight on the Mountain is located at 585 Shades Crest Rd, Birmingham, AL 35226.


Arozqueta also has a side project to release this fall. Check out a sample here. Support it here.