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Please note: This venue has come and gone. We maintain this post as an archive of what was for a brief time a valuable part of our music scene.

A new listening room has come to Woodlawn, offering a close, intimate space for songwriters and their audience. Sound & Page held its opening night on Monday, October 28.

 Sound & Page is a traditional listening room, a place where music is the main focus of the venue and the audience can come to expect a meaningful performance. It’s the sort of venue singer/songwriters make a point to play, but there’s certainly potential for a wide variety of genres and talents.

 With room for about 75 guests, Sound & Page is a limited seating arrangement. “I think there’s a need for smaller venues in town,” says co-owner Caleb Chancey. “House shows are in high-gear around Birmingham now. There’s a big interest in that music and the up-close feel of those house shows.”

 The idea behind the limited seating is rooted in perspective. “I’ve been to so many big-venue shows that felt empty with 50 people,” says Chancey. “Even though the shows were great, you had all this extra space.” The up-close nature of the listening room reinforces the thought that numbers don’t matter. “Those same artists would have a packed house at Sound & Page.”

 The new venue is the result of a collaboration among long-time musical comrades. War Jacket member Caleb Chancey had been planning such a project with Grey Haven soundman Corey Scogin for several years. In early 2013, James Kling contacted Chancey with the aim of starting a new musical project. Armand Margjeka helped immensely with the build out of the space. “It’s a family effort,” says Chancey. “We’ve all wanted to do something like this for a long time and now we have the opportunity to make it happen.”

 Chancey and company found their venue space in Woodlawn, across the street from Birmingham record label Communicating Vessels. “Comm Vess has been there to help us in many ways,” says Chancey. “We couldn’t ask for better neighbors.” The Shop at Comm Vess will serve as an artist’s green room of sorts, and visitors to the new venue should be sure to check out the record shop before the show. The completed listening room will feature a high-quality PA system, piano, and audio mixing by veteran sound-tech Corey Scogin.

  You can order tickets and follow show times here.

 Sound & Page is located at 5529 1st Ave South, Birmingham, Alabama 35212.

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