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Mason Music Fest 2023

This Saturday, July 29, Mason Music Fest returns with a full day of live music at Avondale Brewing. It all starts at 1 p.m.

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Dearly Departed: Secret Stages

“For a Birmingham artist, when Secret Stages called you to do it, you felt embraced by your city. You felt like you made it.”

Secret Stages: Lobotomix Stage

The Lobotomix Stage at Matthew’s is Secret Stage’s go-to hip hop venue. Touring acts Jabee and Stay Tuned look ahead to their Saturday shows and talk inspiration, festivals, and more.

Calendar: July 27 – August 2

July has been a tremendous month for Birmingham’s music scene. There’s another full week of shows around town, plus Secret Stages!

Southbound Festival 2015

The Southbound Music Festival returns this Saturday, July 25! Join the hosts of Southbound Radio at Avondale Brewing Company for a full day of Birmingham-original music.

Secret Stages 2015

Finish the festival month strong with Secret Stages, Birmingham’s music discovery fest. Bands from across the U.S. and right here at home fill downtown with sound. Walkable. Wonderful.