Communicating Vessels Shop Grand Opening

Communicating Vessels logo

On Friday, August 16, local label Communicating Vessels will open their own record shop in Woodlawn.  The Shop at Commvess will feature releases by the labels’ musicians in various formats. The grand opening begins at noon and continues until midnight. “All are welcome,” says Great Book of John vocalist Bekah Fox. “We’re excited and hope people come out for as long as they’d like!”

 The grand opening makes the Woodlawn studio the perfect spot for anyone looking to pick up some premium local talent on record, or discover new indie tunes.  The Shop will offer a selection of the label’s incredible talent from Birmingham and elsewhere. Commvess’ eclectic family of artists reach across the spectrum of musical genres, with reverberating, psychedelic rock, moving singer/songwriters, and true-to-old-school hip hop. Music will be available on vinyl, cassette, and compact disc. Of course, band merch will accompany the music, such as t-shirts and posters. “We have some Commvess limited pieces and some rarities we pick up here and there,” says Fox. “The Shop will always house that type of thing.”

 Commvess will also carry merch from the Step Pepper label. “We really like what they do,” says Fox. “They don’t have a storefront. (You can order online or obtain at their shows) so we are happy to be housing that.”  West coast label Stones Throw will have merch available, including items that may be listed as “sold out” on their site.

 Naturally, Communicating Vessels will provide plenty of music for the noon-to-midnight event. DJs from the indie label as well as other Magic City acts will man the turntables over the course of the grand opening.   

 Friday’s DJs are:

 Urbandy: 12 p.m.

Vawter: 2 p.m.

DJ Shake: 4 p.m.

DJ Surpeme: 6 p.m.

DJ Jeff C: 8 p.m.

DJFX: 10 p.m.

 Regular store hours will be Monday through Friday, 12-5 p.m. The Commvess Shop is located at 15 55th Place South, Birmingham AL 35212.

 In other Commvess news: Shaheed and DJ Supreme will release their new album, Knowledge Rhythm and Understanding, on August 20. Tracks from their latest hip hop venture have already received airplay on Vulcanite Radio, Substrate, and Mod Mobilia. The duo will appear on The Audiovore this Sunday for an interview and live DJ set. They’ll perform at WorkPlay on August 19, and they’ll have their own album release show at Parkside on August 23.