This Week: Lizz Wright


Lizz Wright, a soulful and smoky jazz singer, will return to the Magic City to perform at the Alys Stephens Center on February 26.

Wright has always been involved in music and when asked how she got started she jokingly replied, “I got put to work, by my father who was a pastor for all of my childhood and even in school. I was always called upon to sing even in kindergarten.” It’s no surprise she has taken the jazz world by storm with her combination of jazz, folk, gospel, and soul music that has quickly become a trademark of hers.

With her most recent album, Freedom and Surrender, Wright delivers beautiful and captivating originals, something that was not originally planned for the album, produced by Larry Klein. What began as a cover album quickly changed into a record in which Wright told beautiful stories of where she had been and how she had grown. When asked when the projected path for the album changed, Wright responded “Immediately,” saying she had been doing tributes and it was time for her to uncover her own sound, not cover someone else’s.

Wright says she loves touring and she is excited to come home to America and share her music with people here. She has been playing larger theaters throughout Europe, but what she truly wants is to do that here in America, where she can share her music and sound with the culture that inspired her growing up. Wright says she can’t think of a dream venue to play off the top of her head, besides anywhere in the South, where she was born, raised and currently resides.

While on tour Wright maintains a healthy lifestyle, something she says is a must do for a singer like herself. Staying healthy helps her to the point where when she is beginning to feel overwhelmed she can almost tell her body to calm down, which is one reason she loves yoga, running, and swimming so much.

As for what is next for Wright, she says her year is quite packed full, but she doesn’t seem to mind that talking about each event with a sense of excitement. She is hoping to get back in the studio to record her next album by the winter months.

Don’t miss Lizz Wright as she lights up the Alys Stephens Center stage this Friday! The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are available here.

Photo by Jesse Kitt.