The David Motel @ The Nick

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On April 30, Americana rock band The David Motel from East Nashville will perform at The Nick alongside Emily Kopp.

David Brooks is a singer/songwriter originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. Brooks attended LSU where “I didn’t major in music, but I did perform regionally with my old band before moving to Nashville.”

David’s love for music has been prevalent in his life since he was young. Brooks has memories of “sitting at the piano with my mom while she practiced pieces to be performed at church.”

He grew up playing the violin and viola, in fact “the first instrument that I was ‘responsible’ for was my mom’s old violin,” says Brooks. “It wasn’t until I was 14 that I picked up the guitar and that moment definitely turned me into a songwriter. I’ve been writing ever since.”

The band’s album People, Places, Things narrates the songwriter’s life over the past decade. The songs on the album tell the stories of David moving from Louisiana to Tennessee and the many people, places, and things that he saw and met in between.

We recently spoke with David Brooks in anticipation of his upcoming show at The Nick:

Macey Sims – Have you been writing or recording lately?

David Brooks – My writing tends to come in waves. I’m lucky that over the past few months I’ve written several new songs. We just finished and released our album, People, Places, Things in late January, but I’m already itching to record more as soon as we can.

MS – What should be expected for your upcoming show on April 30?

DB – I would expect an enthusiastic and honest performance. My hope is that people really feel the emotions that inspired each song and that those sentiments will resonate with the audience. We are ‘no frills’ kind of musicians and want the songs to do the talking, if you will.

MS – Is there anything new or different about this show compared past shows?

DB – We’re playing with a new drummer for the next several shows so I’m excited to see how that changes the dynamic. Being a newer band, we’re still feeling it all out and everything is exciting and evolving as we go! Also, expect a few of our newly written songs to be performed at our show.

MS – Do you have a favorite song to perform?

DB – I’m really excited about performing ‘Shine Your Shoes’ from the new album. It was written during the recording session as a challenge to capture the essence of the entire album in one song and I really think it did that. It doesn’t have a chorus and is more of a stream of conscience set of notes so it’s different than most of the songs I typically write.

MS – What has been your most memorable moment in your music career?

DB – It has to be when I was still in high school playing viola in our orchestra. We played in New York at Carnegie Hall. I haven’t played there again as a songwriter… yet!

For more information on The David Motel, find them on Facebook.

The Nick is located at 2514 10th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205. The show is April 30 and starts at 9 p.m.