Jeremy Moore: My Love’s Ghost

Jeremy Moore MLG cover

Local artist Jeremy Moore’s newest album, My Loves Ghost, gives an insightful look into life relationships through the eyes of a musical twenty-something. With soulful lyrics, Moore’s album is easily relatable for its listeners.

The album truly capture’s Moore’s unique sound through songs that feature everything from folksy guitar to cool electronic, creating an exciting album that still feels intimate and relaxed. My Love’s Ghost showcases Moore’s incredible range. He has a very clear tone that glitters at the top, and a gravelly rasp that shows at the lower end of his register.

All songs employ guitar throughout, with piano being another staple of the album. Several songs also utilize brass, and “Stockholm” makes use of neat electronic sounds. The album also demonstrates Moore’s innate ability to match the mood of a song to the lyrics. For example, in the song “Young Love,” the instrumentation consists mostly of guitar picking major chords for a sound that complements the innocent tone of the song. The overall effect is a varied album that keeps listeners interested throughout.

Though each song demonstrates the themes of life and relationships, the songs “You’re Worth All Of Me,” “My Love’s Ghost,” and “Til We Ended” truly encapsulate these themes. Easily one of the most emotional songs on the album, “You’re Worth All Of Me” is about a pure, unfaltering love that goes beyond the abilities of common venues of expression.

Although on the first listen, “My Love’s Ghost” may sound like just a love song, the underlying message of the constant chase of life’s ghosts resonates deeper through all areas of life.

The album’s “breakup song” per say, “Til We Ended,” ends the album on a somber note that anyone who has ever experienced a heartbreak can easily relate and empathize with.

All in all, My Love’s Ghost is an excellent album that showcases Jeremy Moore’s skill and talent. So go ahead, grab your copy on iTunes today and give it a listen while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.

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