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Tonight: SUSTO at Saturn

Charleston’s SUSTO began as Justin Osborne’s solo project as he was returning to the States from a stay in Havana, Cuba, but soon morphed into something much larger than himself.

Tonight: David Ramirez at Saturn

David Ramirez has spent a lot of his time touring the country with little more than a car and his guitar. We spoke with David Ramirez ahead of his Saturn performance tonight, and dove into the new album, Spotify streaming and playlists, and the art created during and after political elections.

Coming Up: Morning Teleportation

Their improvisational expertise has taken them to Bonnaroo and back. Morning Teleportation plays Saturn this Saturday, bringing psychedelic jams, indie rock, and even some jazz to the space-age stage.

Coming Up: Eric Slick at Saturn

Eric Slick, drummer with Philly’s Dr. Dog since 2010, will be rocking out with The Districts at Saturn on March 20, right after his gigs at SXSW. Here he shares the inspiration, meditation, and Jungian dream exploration behind his new album.

Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market

Saturn will host their first Birmingham Punk Rock Flea Market on Sunday, 20 vendors, three bands, a good time all around. Browse the artwork and oddities and enjoy the show.

St. Paul & The Burning Peppermints

St. Paul & the Broken Bones return to Birmingham this Saturday. The breakout band will be joined by The Burning Peppermints, one of the latest wave-makers in the Magic City’s music scene.

Noah Gundersen at Saturn

On October 20, Seattle’s Noah Gundersen plays at Saturn. He’ll bring songs from his new album, Carry The Ghost, along with the influences he’s encountered along the way.

Ivan & Alyosha at Saturn

Touring rockers Ivan & Alyosha graced the Saturn stage this month, along with the mustachioed Kris Orlowski. Their Birmingham excursion is chronicled here.


Saturn opens in Avondale on May 1, bringing stellar sound and astronomical acts to the Birmingham soundscape. The state-of-the-art sound system, experienced team, and love for music promise to make Saturn a must-visit destination for both local and touring artists.