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Coming Up: The Pinx

The Pinx deliver rock for rock aficionados, loyal fans of the classics, and anyone who wants to experience that sound beyond their local classic rock station. See them this Friday at The Nick with Bad Cologne and Sweet Dog Experience.

This Week: Livingstone

Livingstone returns to The Nick this Thursday. Hailing from France, the garage trio is touring the U.S. with their own aggressive take on rock and blues.

This Week: Blackfoot Gypsies

This Thursday, March 24, Blackfoot Gypsies will play The Nick with The Yawpers and Josh Taerk. Hailing from Nashville, these rockers bring the blues in all its electric glory.

The Burning Peppermints at Trim Tab

The Burning Peppermints bring their feisty garage rock to Trim Tab Brewing tonight! Part retro, part indie, they’re a high-energy ensemble. Their …

The Burning Peppermints

Gleefully aggressive and relentlessly groovy, The Burning Peppermints are a permanently-stoked garage rock outfit blazing a trail through our music scene.

Yellow Hammer Heart: Red Hot June

The first album by trio Yellow Hammer Heart is a diverse fusion of garage rock fuzz and Americana. The combination works remarkably well, and each track sees it spun a different way.