Coming Up: Rev Gusto

Coming to Birmingham is a band with a ‘70s feel that will give you flash-backs. Indie rockers Rev Gusto draws inspiration from groups like the Ramones, the Undertones, Paul Simon, and the Kinks. If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat night with some brews and some live music that puts a modern spin on a hippie rock fest, Red Hills Brewing might be worth a try this Saturday night.

The band hails from Chicago, Illinois, but they are excited to be touring in Alabama. While they’ve never played in Birmingham before, they have played in venues around the Midwest, Texas, and even Florida. The band consists of four guys headed up by frontman Jerry Frederick. The line includes Jerry’s brother Sam Frederick on bass, Quinn Hernandez on drums, Shaun Crowley on guitar, and Peter Beatty on keyboard. Jerry says their band began through several lineups starting in Kansas City, but what united these artists in one band is their “power pop songs.”

Their current album, entitled Burnt Out Friends, features fast paced songs with catchy lyrics and some surprise instrumentation. Most people wouldn’t expect the melodic tunes of a trumpet in a rock album, but Rev Gusto manages to incorporate this unique flair in a way that adds to their sound and appeal.

Rev Gusto is working on some new songs for another album coming soon, and they are currently touring with their music around the country. They play at Red Hills Brewing on July 22 at 8 p.m. Come out and give them a listen!

Red Hills is located at 2823 Central Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209.