Calendar: September 17-23

Live music in Birmingham, Alabama!

Monday, September 17
The Nick: Open Mic. 9 p.m.
Oasis: Tommy Trumpet. 8 p.m.
Saturn: Frankie Cosmos, Lomelda, Stef Chura. 8 p.m.

Tuesday, September 18
The Firehouse: Revenge Season, Sentenced To Burn, 30 Nights Of Violence, Clot. 7 p.m.
Ghost Train Brewing: Bluegrass Jam. 6 p.m.
Oasis: David Alan. 8 p.m.
Tin Roof: David Lee Murphy. 7:30 p.m.
Tin Roof: Jam. 10 p.m.
Trim Tab Brewing: Sugar Candy Mountain, The Bouquets. 7 p.m.
WorkPlay: Steve’n’Seagulls, Restless Leg String Band. 8 p.m.

Wednesday, September 19
Little Italy’s: Open Mic. 8 p.m.
The Nick: Little Girl, Hex, Dès Vu. 10 p.m.
Oak Hill Bar & Grill: Open Mic. 8 p.m.
Oasis: Hill and Hood. 8 p.m.
WorkPlay: Vinyl Theatre, Royal Teeth, The Catching. 8 p.m.

Thursday, September 20
Brennan’s: Blues Jam with Ms. Aretta. 7 p.m.
The Nick: Regulus, Seismos, Rude Dude and The Creek Freaks, Captain Kudzu. 10 p.m.
Oasis: Cash Back. 8 p.m.
WorkPlay: Haymakers. 8 p.m.

Friday, September 21
Brennan’s: Identikit, The Yellow Dandies, The Murder of Jane Crow. 9 p.m.
Courtyard 280: SK5. 6 p.m.
Ghost Train Brewing: Sam Lewis. 7 p.m.
Iron City: The Decemberists, Kacy & Clayton. 8 p.m.
The Nick: Jive Mob, Shaheed and DJ Supreme, P.O.T.I.S. 10 p.m.
Oasis: Diner. 8 p.m.
Saturn: Western Medication, Lady Legs. 9 p.m.
Seasick Records: Null, Erthling. 7 p.m.
Tin Roof: Georgia Red Clay. 10:30 p.m.
WorkPlay: Connor McCullum, Love You Later. 8 p.m.
Zydeco: Marcus King Band. 9 p.m.

Saturday, September 22
The Firehouse: KinZie, Identikit, Matt Bryant. 8 p.m.
Gip’s Place: Randy Buell. 8 p.m.
Little Italy’s: The Weeping Willows. 8 p.m.
The Nick: The Ladies of, Heath Green & The Makeshifters, John Elrod. 10 p.m.
Tin Roof: Trey Lewis. 10 p.m.

Sunday, September 23
Avondale Brewing: Tragic City. 2 p.m.
Back Forty Brewing: Slippery Lemon. 3 p.m.
The Nick: Chris Dave And The Drumhedz, DeVonte Hutchins. 8 p.m.
The Nick: The Yawpers, Zach Austin Band. 10 p.m.
Oasis: Daniel McCabe. 8 p.m.
Rojo: Raquel Lily, Samuel Tucker Young, Megan Lenius. 6 p.m.
Tin Roof: Jacob Brock. 4 p.m.
Zydeco: The Showcase Tour. 8 p.m.

If you know another show in Birmingham, tell us and we’ll add it to the calendar! Send the details to Be sure to include the day, time, venue, and the names of all the bands playing.