Calendar: July 30 – August 5

Live music in the Magic City:

Monday, July 30
The Firehouse: Romasa: Null: Black Hole Kids: Lil White B!tch. 8 p.m.
The Nick: Open Mic. 9 p.m.
Oasis: Tommy Trumpet. 8 p.m.

Tuesday, July 31
The Nick: The Dryvers, Wax Fur, A u t o p i l o t. 10 p.m.
Oasis: Michael Battito. 8 p.m.
Pale Eddie’s: Anthony Wiggins. 7 p.m.
Saturn: Oneida, Rollo. 9 p.m.
Tin Roof: Jam. 10 p.m.

Wednesday, August 1
Little Italy’s: Open Mic. 8 p.m.
The Nick: Enhailer, Nuclear Tourism. 10 p.m.
Oak Hill Bar & Grill: Open Mic. 8 p.m.

Thursday, August 2
The Nick: States & Capitals, Riverbend. 10 p.m.

Friday, August 3
Secret Stages
Ghost Train Brewing: The Old Paints, Ghost Foot. 8 p.m.
Little Italy’s: The Murder of Jane Crow. 8:30 p.m.
The Nick: An Evening, The Drennen Brothers Band. 10 p.m.
Tin Roof: David Oliver. 6:30 p.m.
Tin Roof: Forrest Hoffar and the Feels. 10 p.m.
Trim Tab: Truett. 5 p.m.
Zydeco: Waker. 9:30 p.m.
Zydeco: Ben Myrick. 10 p.m.

Saturday, August 4
Secret Stages
Beer Hog: Rebel. 7 p.m.
The Firehouse: Long Con, Ekumen, Joyboy, Clot. 8 p.m.
Moe’s BBQ: The Gamble. 8 p.m.
The Nick: Future Primitives, MASQ, Hotbed. 10 p.m.
Tin Roof: Raleigh Keegan. 10 p.m.
Zydeco: Clay Barker, Reid Haughton. 10 p.m.

Sunday, August 5
The Nick: The Savants of Soul, John Thursday. 9 p.m.
Saturn: Todd Snider, Rorey Carroll. 8 p.m.
Tin Roof: Jacob Brock. 4 p.m.

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Pictured: Wolfpack ATL performed at the end of the first night of Secret Stages 2017. The music discovery festival returns to Birmingham this Friday and Saturday in the Avondale neighborhood! Get details and tickets right HERE.