Coming Up: Eric Slick at Saturn

Eric Slick, drummer with Philly’s Dr. Dog since 2010, will be rocking out with The Districts at Saturn on March 20, right after his gigs at SXSW. Here he shares the inspiration, meditation, and Jungian dream exploration behind his new album.


Calendar: March 13-19

We’ve got a lot coming our way this week, Birmingham! Awesome shows, a few open mic opportunities, and St. Patrick’s Day!


This Week: The High Divers at The Nick

Hailing from South Carolina, The High Divers will take The Nick’s stage March 9. They’ll showcase the Southern rock of their upcoming album, joined by Frances & the Foundation and Lines In The Sky.


Calendar: March 6-12

Birmingham has some great music coming up! Here’s where you can find open mics, jams, songwriters, bands, and more.


Calendar: February 20-26

There’s music all overt the Magic City! We’ve got rock. We’ve got hip-hop. You want jazz? We’ve got jazz.


Calendar: February 13-19

Live music, open mics, songwriters, wordsmiths, jazz bands, rock bands, and more! There’s a lot to see in Birmingham.


Matthew Mayfield: Recoil

Recoil’s tales of love, loss, faith, and betrayal all draw from Mayfield’s personal experiences, and the sincerity behind his performance is hard to deny.